Futscher, Bernard

Office Location:

Arizona Cancer Center 3925

University of Arizona

Tucson AZ 85721

Primary Phone: (520) 6264646
Email: bfutscher@azcc.arizona.edu
Website: http://azcc.arizona.edu/profile/bernard-futscher

PhD, Pharmacology and Toxicology

College Affiliations:
  • College Of Pharmacy
Research Interests:

Functional genomics; molecular biology of cancer; cancer pharmacology.

Environmental Health Research & Expertise:

Dr. Futscher is a member of the SWEHSC as an expert in epigenetics. Dr. Futscher is providing epigenetic analyses in many collaborative studies including developmental toxicity studies (Lantz-RFG2 - lung; Camenisch-RFG1-heart), genetic susceptibility (Klimecki-RFG1), and bladder cancer(Gandolfi-RFG1). He has been included in the recently renewed Superfund Program and currently has an NCI/NIEHS grant on "epigenetic remodeling following arsenical exposure" with both Klimecki and Gandolfi as Co-Is. He has also been able to translate his studies to exposed populations using the IHSFC Core for recruiting and sampling. In addition, Dr. Futscher was the founding director of the Genomics Shared Service and is currently its Scientific Director.