TACMASR- Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource (UACC)


Location: UA Cancer Center, room 3959
Contact: TACMASR, (520) 626-7319
Administration: University of AZ Cancer Center
Fees: Available on request
WWW: http://uacc.arizona.edu/research/shared-resources/tacmasr
Reminder: SWEHSC Investigators (including their staff and students) should contact the Cellular Imaging Facility Core directly for assistance with planning experiments, questions regarding specimen handling, and assistance with analysis or the interpretation of results.



Routine Paraffin Histology Services (FFPE - Formalin FIxed, Paraffin Embedded):

  • Processing and paraffin embedding of fixed tissues
  • Individual, serial and/or step sections of paraffin embedded tissues
  • Routine and special stains (e.g., Trichrome, Picrosirius Red, Oil Red O, Silver, Orcien, Congo Red, Alcian blue, etc)

Routine Frozen Section Services:

  • Individual, serial and/or step sections of frozen tissues
  • Routine and special stains

Automated Immunohistochemical stains

  • Over 100 antibodies (human and rodent Abs) have been validated for use with TACMASR's robotic staining instruments (Ventana Medical Systems).
  • New antibodies can be validated based on investigator interest.
  • In addition to IHC, the instrument can be used for In Situ hybridization
  • Can be used on frozen section or FFPE sectioned tissue, antigen retrieval can be performed on the instrument.

Pathologic Analysis

  • Experimental design advice and pathologic analysis is available from a board certifid Pathologist

Advantages and Disadvantages of Histology:

Advantages: Histology is one of the least expensive of the morphological techniques. It allows the user to examine large areas of tissue at a variety of magnifications. A wide range of staining techniques are available. The sections can be used for immunostaining.

Disadvantages: The light microscopic resolution of sections and general tissue morphology is not as good as that of plastic embedded sections from the EM lab (paraffin sections are better than frozen sections). Colorometric stains are not as specific as immunofluorescence or IHC staining.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Immunohistochemistry (IHC):

Advantages: The key advantage to computer contolled IHC is reproducability.  Once the staining parameters are determined, the staining will be consistent every time.

Disadvantages: Validating a new antibody for IHC is time consuming and potentially expensive. IHC is far easier to do when examining one parameter at a time, two-color IHC can be done but analysis becomes much trickier.